Host Club Duties

Inter Club League Competition

 The convener of the host club must ensure:

  • To record the date and start time in the club's fixtures diary.
  • Is responsible for the running of the competition on the day.
  • Is responsible for having 2 members available to help start the competition and to assist in compiling the results etc in conjunction with the organising committee
  • Is responsible for having the Host Club's computer available and set up, so all cards can be entered or swiped on the computer and a CSS is available at the end of the competition. All results will then be downloaded to the GUI computer so that all handicaps will be adjusted immediately.
  • Is requested to allow tee off time of up to 3 hours for the competition.
  • Is requested to allocate starting. points, one or two at host club's discretion.
  • Is required to compile, record and copy each club's Junior convener with the day's results.
  • Is required to have someone available to close off the competition on the computer at the end to enable scores to be put on to Golf Net.
  • Is requested to organise that each participant is served with chicken and chips, sausage and chips or burger and chips plus a soft drink, after their golf round. .
  • Is requested to organise that visiting conveners are served with a light breakfast.
  • In addition, the club hosting the final day must allow time for presentation of all competition prizes.
  • Compile results to determine competition winner. (Results of all previous competitions required



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